Historical Commission

The Commonwealth realized that the presence of historic properties in Massachusetts immeasurably enhances the quality of our lives; they help define the very character of our communities. To meet the challenge of preserving this important heritage, the Massachusetts Historical Commission was established by the legislature in 1963 * to identify, evaluate, and protect important historical and archaeological assets of the Commonwealth.
*(MGL Ch. 9 Sections 27-32 enabling legislation)
At a Special Town Meeting held on December 1, 1973; the people of Monson voted to accept provisions of Chapter 40, Section 8d of the Massachusetts General Laws, which provided for the establishment of a Historical Commission in the Town of Monson.
The purpose of the Monson Historical Commission is to protect Monson’s historic resources; be it an area, building, object, burial ground, structure, bridge, park or landscape. The first step in protecting these resources is to do an inventory on them. So far the Monson Historical Commission has identified and inventoried 683 historic resources. In addition it has 87 structures within the confines of the Monson Developmental Center listed as a National Register Multiple Property Submission; 2 properties listed as National Register Individual Property, the Memorial Town Hall and the William Norcross House; 1 property with a Preservation Restriction, the Memorial Town Hall and 1 National Register Historic District which contains 12 structures and runs from Memorial Town Hall to the junction of Main and Cushman Streets.
Since 2006 when the Town of Monson voted in the Community Preservation Act at the November Town election the Monson Historical Commission has been involved in all the Historic Preservation projects that have occurred in town. To learn more about the Historic Preservation goals set forth by the Monson Community Preservation Committee please check out their webpage link at the top of the page. To date the following projects have been approved at Town or Special Town Meeting:
  • Restoration & Preservation of the Soldiers’ Monument
  • Exterior Painting of the North & East Sides of the First Church of Monson
  • Historical Analysis & Exterior Painting of the Fuller House & Garage
  • Flynt Quarry Lands
  • Monson Bellmen Antique Fire Apparatus Club/Museum Roof
  • Memorial Hall Window & Door Restoration
  • Monson Glendale United Methodist Church Steeple Replacement & Roof & Tower Repair
  • Monson Free Library Restoration

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