Nomination Papers Available in Town Clerk's Office

Deadline to pick up nomination papers is April 21, 2017. 

The Monson Town Clerk’s Office, announces that nomination papers are now available for any voter wishing to be on the ballot for the Town Election on June 13, 2017.  Nomination papers may be obtained in the Town Clerk’s office located at 110 Main St. between the hours of 8a-4p.  The deadline for obtaining nomination papers is April 21, 2017.


The following slate of offices will appear on the ballot (1 SEAT):

TOWN CLERK-3 years                                                        

BOARD OF SELECTMEN-3 years                                     

WATER/SEWER COMMISSION-3 years                          

CEMETERY COMMISSION-3 years                                  

PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION-3 years                                                           

SCHOOL COMMITTEE-3 years                                         

BOARD OF ASSESSORS-3 years                          

Questions may be directed to the Clerk’s office at 267-4115.  All elections will take place at

Memorial Hall located at 198 Main St. from 8a-8p.