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Town Collector
Contact TypeContact Information
TOWN COLLECTOR, State Certified Massachusetts Municipal Collector
ASSISTANT TOWN COLLECTOR, State Certified Massachusetts Municipal Assistant Collector
Martha D. Gilmore
PART-TIME CLERK - Customer Service Window
110 Main Street
P.O. Box 31
Monson, MA 01057-0031
(413)267-4100, Ext. 6
(413)267-3726: E-MAIL
Monday thru Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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MISSION STATEMENT:  "As Town Collector it is my mission and sworn duty to ensure the efficient, effective, timely collection of all monies due to the Town of Monson, while providing the highest level of customer service to Monson Taxpayers." Cash flow is the most important and essential responsibility of this department.   
                                                  Dorothy P. Jenkins, CMMC
                                  Certified Massachusetts Municipal Collector


The purpose of a Quarterly Real Estate and Personal Property tax payment system provides taxpayers with greater certainty about payment due dates and communities with a more evenly distributed level of income throughout the fiscal year. Under a quarterly tax payment system, a city or town substantially reduces if not eliminates costly short-term borrowing in anticipation of tax (TANS) revenue and generally increases investment income. Quarterly billing was accepted by Monson voters at Town Meeting in 1992. Its implementing has proven to extremely successful for this municipality and continues to provide an even cash flow.

Drop-Off Payment Boxes now located at , the Monson Woodbine Country Store, the Monson Free Library the Monson Senior Center, Adams/IGA Supermarket and the Monson Town Office Building, 110 Main Street - [Main Street entrance to the right of front door].   Payments Boxes are for CHECK Payments Only.

Please take the opportunity to make a donation to the Town of Monson Scholarship Fund and Senior/Disabled Fund along with payment of your taxes.

With the acceptance of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40, Section 22F at the Town of Monson's Annual Town Meeting of May 11, 2009 and by the unanimous vote of the Monson Board of Selectmen at their meeting of June 9, 2009, Municipal Lien Certificate fees increased from $25.00 to $50.00, effective July 1, 2009.  Verbal tax information will not be provided until a $50.00 check for an MLC and a written request has been received by the Tax Office in the mail or in person at the office. Municipal Lien Certificates detail paid or outstanding taxes, municipal charges, fees and all other miscellaneous liens associated with the property. Requirement on all property sales or refinances. Even if taxes are escrowed by a bank or mortgage company, full written disclosure on property is a requirement. This protects both the property owner, as well as the Town of Monson.

Winter Over Night Parking Permits are required at Dave Grieve Park by December 1st of each calendar year. Orange Permits must be purchased at the office of the Town Collector for $5.00 and displayed somewhere visibly on the parked vehicle. Any unauthorized vehicle will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

What are the responsibilities, qualifications and biographies of the Town Collector's office staff?

The Town Collector is a public official who is appointed by the Finance Director, with approval from the Board of Selectmen. As an official of the town,  together with excises, betterments, special assessments and certain other charges which are added to and committed as taxes, has the responsibility to collect all committed amounts under Massachusetts General Laws on Taxation. With the acceptance of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 41, Section 38A by Monson at a Town Meeting vote in February 1986, the scope of authority broadened allowing the collector under the title of the Monson Town Collector to collect all accounts due to the municipality. Acceptance of these provisions in a municipality establishes a greater fiscal responsibility and provides for a bonded official, namely the collector, to assume the responsibility for the collection of all billed revenue due and owing to the town, such as certain license fees, user's fees, permits and other departmental receivables which have been committed for collection. The Collector is a member of the Financial Components for the Town of Monson which consists of the Accountant, Assessor, Collector, Treasurer and the Town Administrator.

Serving the Town of Monson for 30 years as TOWN COLLECTOR, Dorothy P. Jenkins is a graduate of Northampton Junior College, Class of 1969, with a major in Executive Secretarial Science and an Alumnus of American International College, earning her degree in 1976. Mrs. Jenkins worked for over 15 years as a Marketing Analyst and Sales Representative in the Telecommunications Industry (New England Telephone Company and AT&T) before becoming Monson's newly established Town Collector in 1986. She is a State Certified Massachusetts Municipal Collector, and has served 4 Terms as a member of the Education Committee for the State of Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association. She teaches classes in Collections and monitors presentations at UMASS for this State Association. As past member of the Education Committee, she assisted in the coordination of programs and classes related to the education, training, testing and Certification of the members of the Association. This Committee coordinates the Annual School at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, the Annual Summer Conference in Hyannis, MA, Staff Schools in both the Spring and Fall, Seasonal Conferences for the entire membership and plans regular meetings with the Executive Director of the MCTA. Dorothy also holds membership with the Northeast Regional Tax Collectors and Treasurers Association and serves as a member of the Hampden County Municipal Collectors and Treasurers Association.

Kathy J. Carr, ASSISTANT TOWN COLLECTOR, has served the Town of Monson for 30 years and is one of the first State Certified Massachusetts Municipal Assistant Collectors, earning her Certification in 2004. She has a background in Retail Sales and Banking, working for Monson Savings Bank before accepting her position with the Town of Monson. Kathy holds an active membership with the Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association, as well as the Hampden County Municipal Collectors and Treasurers Association.

Kathleen D. Nothe, has just retired as our PART-TIME CLERK. Kathy, a retired Senior Vice President of Bank of America, has served on the Collector's Team for more than 5 years. A tremendous asset to this operation, Kathy was a pleasure to work with and our taxpayers certainly appreciated her outgoing personality and positive attitude.   

Martha D. Gilmore, has joined us as PART-TIME CLERK FOR OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE WINDOW. Marty also serves as Assistant Town Accountant, working for the Town of Monson for more than 24 years. Marty, we greatly appreciate your backround and experience in municipal government and welcome you into the Collector's Office.      

"This definitely rounds out an exceptional staff that provides years of knowledge and professional experience in assisting the taxpayers of Monson with their payment obligations to the Town of Monson."

What is the Authority of the Collector?

The Massachusetts General Laws, most notably Chapters 40, 41, 44, 58, 59, 60, 60A, 80 and 90 provide the manner through which the collector derives the authority to proceed to collect and enforce the collection of taxes committed to them.  "The collector's lot is neither easy nor popular as they must compel payment of the taxes as levied or assessed by the proper authority. Regardless from whom the taxes are due, they are to be collected and accounted for in the manner decreed by law." The collector must avail themselves of all statutory remedies to enforce the collection. A collector who is acting in "good faith" cannot sit passively and merely receive such taxes as may be paid voluntarily, but must make an honest effort to enforce the collection under the powers conferred upon them or provided under the statutes. Most collection categories are due 30 days from issue. Interest is charged at a rate of 12% or 14% on delinquent accounts, depending on the tax or miscellaneous collection. Upon the issuance of Demand Notices, additional collection fees are added to delinquent accounts as provided by Law. Certain delinquent collection categories are referred to the Deputy Sheriff for the servicing of Collection Warrants, authorized by State Statue. The bonded Deputy Sheriff for the Town of Monson is Jeffery & Jeffery, Deputy Tax Collectors, P.O. Box 720, Ware MA 01082 (413)967-9941 - Office Hours Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Payments that are on warrant for collection must be paid by money order or certified bank check. No personal checks can be accepted. All cash payments must be paid directly to the Deputy Tax Collector at their office located at 137 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082.

The following are the categories and areas that the Town Collector is responsible for in Billing, Collecting and Processing.  


First Town Department to Establish Network Capabilities Within Office
Real Estate Tax Billing and Collection [Quarterly Billing]
Implemented and Automated CRT [Collector's Revenue Turnover]
Personal Property Tax Billing and Collection [Quarterly Billing]
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Billing and Collection
Interacts Daily with the Town's Bonded Deputy Sheriff
On-Line Payment Options
On-Line Connections to the Registry of Deeds and the Registry of Motor Vehicles
Instituted and Monitors Payment Drop-Off Boxes Throughout the Town
Water and Sewer Billing and Collection [Quarterly Billing]
Remote Access to Water/Sewer Department for Downloads of Retrieved Data Usage
Prepares Quarterly Billing Commitment Warrants for the Water/Sewer Department
Trash Billing and Collection [Semi-Annual Billing]
Community Preservation Act [CPA] Billing and Collection
Trash Liens
Trash Lien Interest
Water Liens
Sewer Liens
Utility Interest Liens
Prepares Trash Billing Commitment Warrants for the Board of Health
Supplemental Real Estate Taxes
Parking Ticket Fine Violations
Parking Permits [Seasonal Dec. 1st thru April 1st]
Cross Alter Permits
Zoning Enforcement Violation Fines
Smoke/Tobacco Violation Fines
Animal Control Violation Fines
Wood Boiler Violation Fines
Marijuana Violation Fines
Real Estate Roll-Back Taxes
Payment in Lieu of Taxes
Withdrawal Taxes
Omitted Real Estate Taxes
Pro-Forma Taxes
Conveyance Taxes
Experienced Collection Techniques
Miscellaneous Taxes Paid After Abatement
Bar Coded, Addressed Return Payment Envelopes Accompany all Bills
 Taxpayers Kept Informed by use of the Web-Site, News Media, and Public Access T.V.
Provide On-Line Payment Capability for Taxpayers Choosing to Access the Internet
Transmission of Data Files to all Banks, Mortgage Companies and Tax Services
Prepares Daily Cash Deposits and Remote Deposit Capture on all Electronic Deposits
Submits Bi-Weekly Turnovers to Town Treasurer
Prepares Bill Schedules to the Town Accountant
Monthly Reconciliation's with the Town Accountant
Attends Finance Committee Budgetary Meetings when asked  
Prepares Bi-Monthly Payroll Sheets for the Collector's Department
Oversees all 5 of the Computer Collection Programs with the Town's Software Vendor
Acts as a Data Collection Center and Verification Area for other Town Departments   
Scholarship Fund Contributions
Senior/Disabled Contributions
250th Birthday Celebration Contributions
Municipal Lien Certificates [All Property Sales, Transfers and Refinancing] - $50.00 no verbals without written request.
Maintains Collector's Revolving Fund
Registry of Motor Vehicle Marking Fees
Facilitates the Usage of both the Pitney Bowes and Duplo Equipment for Town Departments
Quarterly Reports to Town Departments Utilizing Postage & Bulk Mail Discounts
Assists in Maintaining Informational Updates to the Town's Web-Site    
Coordinates the Selling and Inventory of Compost Bins and Trash Recycling Bins
Assists with the Bi-Annual Implementation of "Bulk Item Day" with the Board of Health
An Advisor to the Board of Health in coordinating the Trash Billing Program
Reviews All Trash Abatement Applications and Prepares Warrants for BOH
Intra-Communication with Town Departments at all Levels
Bank Research Fees
Tracking and Redeeming Receipt of Dishonored Checks
Collection Fees
Interest on Delinquent Accounts
Researches and Prepares Legal Advertisements for Tax Takings
Prepares Instruments of Taking for Tax Title Filings at the Registry of Deeds
Redemption Certificates
Tax Payment Summaries for Income Tax Filings  
  Collection Warrants to Deputy Sheriff
Recyclable Bulk Items ("Bulky Day")
Sanctions all Authorized Abatement and Refund Transactions  
Remoste Deposit Access   
Lockbox Payments  [Lighthouse Financial]    
                          250th Anniversary Town of Monson Books - available for purchase