Sand for Seniors

The Monson Fire & Emergency Services Department would like to help you stay SAFE this winter with our first ever Sand for Seniors program. We will deliver you one 5 gallon bucket of sand with a cover for FREE! You can use this to sand your steps, walkways and paths. 
What you Get:  One 5 Gallon bucket of sand with a cover delivered in November.   Free refills throughout the winter courtesy of the fire department. 
What it costs: 
NOTHING! We’re happy to help keep you safe! 
If you’d like to sign up for this program please sign up at the Senior Center Office. 
Take safe steps this winter with Sand for Seniors. 



Smoke Detectors - FREE - Call the Center and we will contact the Fire Department and someone from the fire department will install a smoke detector for you.

     Carbon Monoxide Detectors - One Free Carbon Monoxide Detector available to each
                  senior household in town. Free installation by the Fire Department. Call the Center                   at 267-4121.