RePlanting Monson Tree Committee

Mission Statement

To provide leadership, education and resources for the replanting, recovery and care of the Trees of Monson.


Brought together in response to the June 1, 2011 tornado, the "Replanting Monson" Tree Committee will: work to replant trees for people to enjoy their beauty, shade, and life for generations to come; assist Monson homeowners through the provision of tree care information and trees; leverage national, state and local resources in support of the committee's vision; unite the community through events to share in the Replanting; and entrust their care to future generations.

Our Current Objectives:

  • Replant trees lost in June 1, 2011 tornado to grow and stand for generations.
  • Serve as primary resource to Monson homeowners on tree care, e.g., what to plant, when to plant and how to care for trees.
  • Leverage nurseries to secure trees for tornado champions.
  • Unite town through replanting events and organizing volunteers.
  • Convene national, state and local volunteers, resources and experts to further the community's visions and goals.
  • Teach all generations of Monson citizens to value and love their trees.
  • Develop and recommend a Public Tree Management Plan for adoption by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Develop ordinances and guidelines governing the management of the Town's public trees.
  • Seek grants and conduct fund-raising to support  the Committee's mission.
  • Provide guidance regarding state and local laws governing shade trees on public ways and scenic roads.
  • Promote community awareness of trees and their benefits.
  • Provide a website about trees and related Town services.
  • Provide training in tree selection, planting and care.
  • Develop a list of recommended trees appropriate for certain cultural conditions.




Jo Sauriol


Leona Brahen


Bill Dominick


Jesse Greene